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Windows 10 looks awesome at Build 2015

Windows 10 looks awesome at Build 2015


Microsoft reveals more details on Windows 10 at its Build developer conference. Karen went into detail about when Windows 10 is expected and now many of the rumors have become reality. Here’s the biggest news of the keynote that highlight the newly announced features of Microsoft’s overhaul of its operating system. Windows 10 The largest reveals the Body were important features of Windows 10. Early builds of the Technical Preview include some of these features, but Microsoft showed a new build during the keynote.

Microsoft pushed the idea of ​​universal apps. That means you only need to install an app, and it will work on all your devices. Since Windows 10 is intending to unify the computer, phone and tablet, a single app makes it easier to pick up where you left off. Apps will be supported depending on unit size and touch controls. You can use an application under Windows 10 then jumps seamlessly to Surface or Window 10 phone. Universal applications also flow into other spaces as well. Microsoft showed off Microsoft Office 2016 add-ons that you actually use, like Uber. These add-ons are also natively cross-platform, so you need only to install one version for all devices. This leads to a redesigned and unified Windows Store, support for the kinds of apps provides will expand. Windows desktop applications will be offered in the Windows Store, but is executed in a sandbox mode so that you problems with the operating system cannot cause long term problem with OS. Websites can also be offered as Apps and support in-app purchases for things like subscriptions. Payments will get better with the phone carrier billing, so you do not have to use a credit card to buy apps. Cortana is going to play a large part in Windows 10 as a virtual assistant working and supports voice commands as calling Skype. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: Project Spartan was given the official name. Microsoft’s new browser is a total rethinking of Internet Explorer. In Build-2015 showed Edge-off extension supports similar to Chrome. Microsoft was quick to mention that it was easy to bring Chrome extensions in edge with little development. Edge focused on a personal connection with you through a better integration of your personal accounts and not just a Web browser. Continuum for mobile phones

Microsoft showed Continuum for mobile phones give people the opportunity to connect your phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard to get a desktop experience. So you can use your phone as a PC, without any additional tools. You will also be able to provide a dual-screen mode (phone and monitor), but exact details were not disclosed. The only thing is Microsoft mentioned with Continuum for mobile phones are new devices with stronger hardware. Be compatible Windows 10 phones with Continuum after the release of Windows 10 ship this summer. Android and iOS apps in Windows 10

A big surprise is that Windows 10 will support Android and iOS apps. While it’s not as easy as simply installing these applications through an emulator, provides Microsoft developer tools for importing existing mobile apps, debug, and make it for Windows 10. Developers available the option to add Windows 10 Support have functions in applications, but it is not required. This plan is similar to Microsoft’s change to the MS ecosystem on different platforms instead of trying to force people Microsoft Office and Outlook applications are a perfect example of how they both were available on iPad and Android against Windows Phone. HoloLens

Microsoft considered HoloLens previously, but physique displayed Augmented Reality Headset live. The big news is that all apps are universal HoloLens Windows 10 apps. That is, they are not specially designed only for HoloLens. The experience is as Windows Holographic. There is a holographic Start menu, you can use apps to open. You can Apps, adhere to surfaces and the demo on figure showed a view in Windows Holographic. HoloLens no cable connected camera or phone, or even need a computer. It is an independent body, which probably flows over a data link, but exact details were not disclosed. Price and release date were not disclosed, but did the live demo to show a lot of potential. Get Ready for Windows 10 enthusiastic

Microsoft promises a lot of changes in Windows 10 and will make these changes a reality. Windows 10 is a re-launch of the operating system, and one that people will want to join. Any improvement Microsoft has unveiled is impressive, Microsoft Edge Universal apps for all devices. Even HoloLens that seemed like a joke, actually looks interesting. Microsoft’s change in strategy makes the company to move much faster and Windows 10 is the result of that. Microsoft is tired of third place and Windows 10 can help you to win over new users.

Windows 10 looks awesome at Build 2015

What to expert from CES 2016

CES 2016

The world will converge in Las Vegas for CES 2016 next month. Here are a few things you shoulf expert.

The New Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Innovations:

Augmented and virtual reality is soon going mainstream as San Diego Comic Con featured this emerging tech. During the CES we can expect variety of different uses of the technology on display.

  • The HTC Vive will be on the store shelves and we might get to see it at the CES along with the Project Morpheus of Sony, with the Move controllers.

  • The mobile VR headset of Samsung, deemed an Innovator’s Edition, might just be ready for the release at the CES.

  • Recently Microsoft HoloLens made waves in AR scene while Mattel may put new spin on the Google Cardboard’s tech for AR/VR options.

  • GoPro is working on the 360-degree rigs, and the third party options are going to be open in this regard.

  • The OZO VR camera of Nokia will be available for a price of $60,000 and it will be showcased at the CES 2016.

  • At the CES, third party developers may also make some waves.


Although augmented reality has had a setback as Google for now has stopped selling the Google Glass, but the technology is definitely about to get mainstream, especially with Microsoft HoloLens and other similar devices.

Asus has recently made the announcement that they are going to make more affordable version of HoloLens, and they have plan to release the device in 2016.


It is expected that the wearables will make some waves at the CES 2016 as there have been huge changes in this sector since the CES 2015. Release of Apple Watch, was the most significant development. Apple Watch enjoyed really good sales and caused the competitors to do more in the smart watches sector.

We have also seen few updates of the Android Wear in last couple of months, introducing many new functions> there has also been a wave of the high end Android Wear smart watches, such as Tag Heuer Connected. With the devices like Microsoft Band2 delivering some great wearable tech with excellent health and fitness features, we are looking forward to bands and smart watches at the CES 2016.

Huawei is one of names which we think can make a splash in wearable tech. The Chinese Company will be hosting a press conference on January 5 where it is going to unveil new devices. The company will discuss how people’s lives are made more convenient and more connected by its tech. We think that they are indicating towards the wearable tech.

Considering that Huawei Watch is already out there, having a price comparable to other smart watches, We can see that Huawei will put its chip on a luxury or budget device in order to diversify the company’s product range. New Pebble device is also on the cards, as the company unleashes its new devices at the CES events, even if it is only an upgrade to an existing device.



Smartphones are going to feature at the CES 2016, but not in as big a way as at the Mobile World Congress one month later.

LG is most likely to showcase new phone at the CES 2016. LG also made headlines last year with LG G Flex 2. We have not yet heart anything specific about the release of LG G Flex 3; its release at the CES is a possibility. At the CES 2015, Asus unveiled its Zenfone 2. Who knows Asus might just launch Zenfone 3 this year. Don’t be surprised if they do so.

The purpose of launching a device at CES is showing off some gimmicky feature (which was bending in case of G Flex 2) or giving a chance to the device to get some traction outside the mobile saturated MWC event. The phone’s that are going to be released at the CES are not going to make any big headlines, but they will definitely show us something which we are likely not to see in any other device this year.

While we do not expect any earth shattering smartphone reveal, the phone developments on inside are going to be very interesting. Charging technology which brings the battery of a phone to its full strength 10 times faster than what is available in market, has been developed by Huawei. We would really love to see Huawei showcase the tech at the CES 2016. We will surely hear about the smart charging and Snapdragon developments as Qualcomm will be attending the event.

It is also very much likely that Sony and Samsung will cart Xperia X6 and Galaxy S7 to Las Vegas in order to show behind the closed doors, like they have done previously.


Nine major car makers and 100 companies of automotive technology will be present at the CES 2016. This represents 25% increase in the car tech companies over the CES 2015. This is a pretty big deal and it highlights growing interest of various industries in the automotive technology.

Autonomous driving is going to be Key car trend at the CES 2016. With Google, Delphi, Tesla and Mercedes leading self-driving sector, the carmakers and the car tech makers are not going to disappoint with transportation’s future.

NVIDIA has plans to follow its appearance at the CES event of last year by once again talking about the self-driving cars. We expect that it will be the biggest foray of the company yet into autonomous cars space. Something significant can be expected form NVIDIA at this year’s event.

Audi announced its plans of showing concept car at the CES 2016. The car is likely to have the auto pilot feature.

It is also likely that there will be some announcements regarding infotainment systems within cars like the advanced window display at the CES.

Last but not the least, Faraday Future which is a new carmaker is going to unveil its concept car in CES 2016. The fact the Faraday Future is a maker of electric cars and has interest in self-driving cars and other latest technology, there is every reason to look forward to their concept car. It might just be the start of a true rival for Tesla.

New Television Sets:

After the decline in plasma, LCD is even better and we can expect more models having HDR, local dimming models, Black Frames Insertion, and 4K TVs. 4K content and the HDR are expected to be the major focus areas for most companies like TCL, Panasonic, Sony and LG. Finally, delivering the content which actually looks as it is supposed to look on expensive 4K TV or HDR compatible TV is coming around. CES 2016 is expected to see large deliverance on the promise.

  • Television of different models and series are offered by Samsung and now they may have lesser models between some of the price ranges.

  • On the other hand, big Television companies can’t sell the $3,000 50inch TVs, as the prices have considerably dropped with 4K’s introduction.

  • More OLED TVs are expected at CES 2016. Soon LG is going to launch its brilliant 55inch TV having a price tag of $3,500.

  • Quantum dots are also cool. Once again LG is in line with quantum dots-equipped Television. Samsung might just follow.

  • In the CES 2016, lasers are expected to make appearance as well.

Wait, lasers? Well, we are talking about the TV projector systems.

New IoT Innovations:

Smart home and the Internet of Things:

CES sometimes lacks in the announcements of major devices, but it often makes up by showing future of the connectivity, form our clothes to our homes.

On smart homes category, we are likely to see latest smart washing machines. We also expect hearing more about the solutions for home security and different smart home systems. For example, Blink which is a smart homes company was already named CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree. The company is known for its Kickstarter campaign in which it raised $1million. The company offers wireless monitoring of home at very affordable price. One can expect Blink and similar companies to be pretty hot in CES 2016.

As for Internet o Things, previous two CES events tried to show us what the life could be like if everything was connected. This is exactly what Intel did during the CES 2015. With Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel ready to give another keynote.

  • With the next generation Tegra chip along with other advancements, Nividia is expected to talk about the autonomous driving.

  • This year the connected devices in the IoT are expected to be huge, with regards to the IoT in fitness and health, VR, smart homes, and 3D printing.

  • Robots and drones can also be expected with innovative Throw and Shoot UAV camera by Lily’s which can simply be thrown in air like Frisbee in order to get loop of the shots. Image quality is 12 megapixels for stills and HDTV video.

  • Press was also impressed by the Robotic Enhanced Vehicle (REV) by WowWee.

  • The highlight of the IoT is expected to be the interesting debut of robotic dog by WowWee. The robotic dog named CHiP or Canine Home Intelligent Pet is able to detect one’s presence using Bluetooth. Dog comes with a band for the owner’s wrist and one can make the dog paly fetch or sit up.


We are heading in to a very important year for the drones. There are more recreational drones being produces with better capabilities and technology, big companies like Amazon are launching the home delivery service via drones, and the United States is requiring registration for some drones. We might see some long lasting, major developments in drone space.

The CES 2016 event promises delivering the latest in the drone sector and providing a read on what we can expect in near future. There is a dedicated Marketplace for Unmanned Systems at the CES 2016. 25 makers of UAV’s will show the products at the Marketplace. Parrot also announced its Bebop 2 drone, which sets new standards for battery life and affordability. We are hoping to see these two things become the hallmarks for the UAVs heading in to New Year. Other applications like Drone photography and search & rescue are the additional capabilities which we will be looking for at the CES 2016.



Nine major car makers and 100 companies of automotive technology will be present at the CES 2016. This represents 25% increase in the car tech companies over the CES 2015. This is a pretty big deal and it highlights growing interest of various industries in the automotive technology.

Autonomous driving is going to be Key car trend at the CES 2016. With Google, Delphi, Tesla and Mercedes leading self-driving sector, the carmakers and the car tech makers are not going to disappoint with transportation’s future.

NVIDIA has plans to follow its appearance at the CES event of last year by once again talking about the self-driving cars. We expect that it will be the biggest foray of the company yet into autonomous cars space. Something significant can be expected form NVIDIA at this year’s event.

New Laptops:

Many new laptops are expected to be launched in the CES. Dell is expected to further venture into the bezel-less screen and excellent design after the success of Dell XPS 13. The LaVie Z by Lenovo was also a hit. It was referred to as the “world’s lightest laptop” which it actually is having only 1.72 lbs. making it lighter than new MacBook. Last year the Windows PCs were really interesting and they were the main attraction along car tech and Internet of Things.

The new laptop by Apple having USB C port surely is going to have an effect on the market. But most laptops are going to be impacted by Windows 10. And the laptops which are going to be launched at the CES will have to prove that are making use of the new OS to maximum.

New Tablets:

The CES 2015 didn’t have memorable tablets. Dell did launch Venue8 7000, but it didn’t make huge impact on market. Lenovo also launched Yoga Tablet2 at the CES 2015 but it also failed to make huge impression.

One can expect some gimmick in 2016 CES as well. We can also expect a stiff competition between Samsung and Apple. Samsung is likely to challenge iPad mini 4 and iPad pro with new Galaxy tabs. There can also be a surprise with new companies utilizing Windows 10 with new innovation. Companies will also be looking to compete with Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book by Microsoft.

What to expert from CES 2016

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ease weed app Startup Backed By Snoop Dogg

Ease weed app Startup Backed By Snoop Dogg

A startup company called “Ease weed app” has raised $ 10m (£ 6.8m) in a financing round from investors including rapper Snoop Dogg.

The artist’s Casa Verde Capital Company backed marijuana supplier Eaze, which connects the medical marijuana card carrier with local dispensaries in California.

They claimed that they can set user with the drug for delivery in less than 10 minutes. Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in the state, but Eaze says it isn’t breaking any laws.

The company raised $ 1.5 million (£ 1m) in November and has approximately made 3,000 deliveries since it was launched.

Eaze wants to use the money to hire 50 people in 50 days, and plans to expand into other states where recreational and medical marijuana legally available.

Washington DC, Colorado and Alaska have legalized recreational use of the drug, while 23 states allow the medicinal use.

Neither Google nor Apple have Eaze in their app stores currently, obviously they did not want to be seen as promoting or endorsing drug use.

Uber, a taxi app that can let you book a car at the touch of a button on a smartphone, made the on-demand trend popular.

Ease weed app Startup Backed By Snoop Dogg

Sharp 4K Smartphone

Sharp 4K Smartphone display with a ridiculous 806 pixels per inch

If you think 2K displays are not necessary for a Smartphone, just wait until you see what’s coming next year. reports, Sharp has already announced such a screen that will fit 5.5-inch phablets sometime next year with an ultra-sharp resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels or 806 pixels per inch

Sharp 4K IGZO displays will take on Samsung 4K AMOLED displays, which are also expected to debut in the near future to take some time, with the Galaxy Note 5, the first device is believed to have a pack of 4K screen.

It’s too early to say what 2016 Smartphone will have 4K IGZO screens, but Sharp is already making IGZO display technology for Apple for certain products, with the iPad Pro also rumored to pack IGZO screens. Considering that Apple has a phablet in its lineup now, there would be no surprise there if we find a next-gen iPhone Pack of Sharp 4K display.

Sharp 4K Smartphone

Retina MacBook sold out

Retina MacBook sold out

Yes, Apple’s new Retina MacBook is already sold out, too. As it turns out, the Apple clock is not the only device that Apple sold out of on Friday.

From 9 clock ET, Apple’s online store is the estimating that both models of the Gold 12-inch Retina MacBook will not be available for another 3-4 weeks. The Space gray and silver MacBooks are also sold out, but these should start shipping again in the next 1-3 business days.

Based on a quick spot check from MacRumors, most retail stores are not even offering the new MacBook. If you want to get you hand on one any time soon, getting it online is your best bet.

Reviews for the new MacBook began popping up on Thursday and although the design is undoubtedly one of Apple’s most attractive to date, the lack of additional ports just does not add up in 2015. Despite Apple’s insisting on working for a cordless future, the industry is moving at its own pace. Apple cannot accelerate that with just a fancy new laptop.

The new MacBook starts up at $ 1,299 for the 256GB model, which features a 1.1 GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics 5300 and Turbo Boost to 2.4 GHz. The 512 GB model costs $ 1,599 and features a 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

Retina MacBook sold out Retina MacBook sold out Retina MacBook sold out

Retina MacBook sold out

Beats Solo2 headphones now available in Apple-esque colours

Since its US $ 3 billion beats buyout, Apple has apparently concentrated all their efforts on reviving the Beats music streaming service, which is expected to roll out later this year once.

But the Cupertino company now has its own stamp on the Beats headphones line by adding three new colors to theBeats Solo2 range; Gold, silver, and space gray.

Not surprisingly, these are the trademarks of Apple colors on all of their devices, including the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple clock feature.

The three new versions went on sale yesterday and it just happen on the same day that the new MacBook went on sale and Apple watch officially went on pre-orders.

The wired headset Solo2 sells at £ 169, while the wireless models cost £ 100 more, with a £ 269 price tag Never mind, you can still pick up Solo2 headphones in the original red, black, white and blue colors.

The new range can only help you customize your device with your cans; something Apple fanboys have probably been dreaming of.

Torrent based browser released for Windows

BitTorrent’s experimental, torrent based browser has been released in beta for Windows

Late last year, BitTorrent announced an ambitious project for making the web more open: a browser that can access the websites that are hosted through the BitTorrent protocols rather than on centralized servers. The Chromium-based Maelstrom browser project began life in a closed Alpha, but as of today, BitTorrent is releasing it as an open beta. The only catch now is that it is only available for Windows users, though BitTorrent says future versions of the browser for Mac and Linux users will be available as well.

BitTorrent also shared a few hints on how the platform has changed since the Alpha began in December last year. The company has more than 10,000 developers enlisted (the BitTorrent describes as building Maelstrom-compatible applications and programs) and 3,500 publishers (specifically the creation of web pages or BitTorrent content bundles) built sites that will work with the Project Maelstrom , But until now only some of these developers and publishers were actually able to work on Maelstrom-compatible projects.Torrent based browser Torrent based browser Torrent based browser

That’s changing now, as Bittorrent has gone ahead and released its full set of developer publishing tools for project Maelstrom. Everyone can now access these tools and start building sites over on GitHub. It is still very early days for the project Maelstrom, but now with the beta browser and development tools available for everyone, BitTorrent, hope to see the example of how its idea of open web project will manifest.

Torrent based browser released for Windows