Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Instagram Direct: All that You Need To Know

Instagram Direct: All that You Need To Know

 We all have had photographs of a crazy party with the closest of friends. The photograph is to be shared among the closest 15 friends but the uncle, aunt and college professor do not need to see them. What should we do? E-Mail is one option, but what if we miss someone? Or the photo goes to someone else through a friend.  Instagram Directinstagram-direct
is the solution to this problem. The service offers the user to share a photo with a group of close friends, without the fear of getting leaked or missing someone in the gang.

The app is available to i-phone and android users and works more like a messaging service. It allows the user to select and share a photo or video with 15 friends at a time. Once the photo is received the friends can ‘like’ the photo.

The company has taken adequate privacy measures. It has ensured that you do not directly see the photos received from people not following you. There is absolutely no risk of getting images the user does not want to see.

Instagram’s Direct feature comes at a time when the social media companies are in a neck-to-neck fight for capturing the messaging market. In the ever-changing face of social media and with Twitter coming up with a functionality of sending photos in direct messages, it seems to be the ‘clash of the titans’. Social networking companies are in a continuous battle to capture the young users. Facebook has continuously been improving its messenger to include creative stickers, group chat feature and photo comment which became a rage among the youth.

Instagram Direct: All that You Need To Know

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