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The Tesla Model S is an all luxury electric car. It is the first creation of its kind from the electric car stable of PayPal creator Elon Musk. It is unlike anything we have seen before.














It has an aluminum and steel monologue and is an intensely stylish car from the outside. Beneath the cabin floor is the battery pack and its torsion rigidity is due to its sub frame. There are three battery options to choose from. They are the 60kWh pack, 85kWh pack and an 85kWh performance pack. To increase the complexity, there is a Performance Plus pack which is used to modify the air suspension. This pack comes with up rated dampers, anti roll bars, bushings, and 20 mm wide rear tires.


Tesla Model S’s interior is quite sophisticated. There is a huge touch screen in the center of the fascia that is used to control almost everything, from the air conditioning to the preferred ride height of the air suspension. You can also get information about the battery charge and the energy consumption. For the music system, there is an AM/FM/DAB turner but no CD player. The radio provides access to internet radio and the audio quality is good. There are however a few setbacks. The material quality could have been better. Seats can be more supportive and storage, a bit more spacious.   On the whole the interior is comfortable and stylish.

This is a practical real-world range model with a perfect sense of class and opulence. Although it faces some steering inconsistencies and has bad charging time, it is refined and is this model is a triumph.


Tesla Model S is an uncompromised electric car that delivers 502 kilometres of range on a single charge. With a 17-inch touchscreen, an outstanding safety record, and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, the fully electric Model S breaks the mould. Tesla is committed to giving customers the best possible Tesla Model S experience no matter where they live. With that in mind, the company has completed a country-specific validation programme to ensure the vehicles are optimised for every market in which they are sold. Right hand drive cars in the UK come with software specific to the country and a configuration that fits the needs of owners who drive on the left hand side of the road. Everything from the wipers to the braces in the front trunk have been re-fitted for RHD.


Tesla also energised the first Supercharger location in the UK at the delivery event. The Crystal site at London’s Royal Victoria Docks represents the beginning of a route to Paris and then the rest of Europe, which will enable Tesla Model S drivers to travel long distances in the UK and on the continent for free.

“Superchargers enable long distance travel but also, in a city where off street parking is rare and expensive, Model S customers will be able to access a network of Superchargers across London to charge, quickly and for free, at their convenience,” said Elon Musk. “We are looking at locations across the capital to place our first set of inner city Superchargers. Our plan for routes to other cities in the UK is still on target for the end of the year, but we are also announcing this new initiative in order to best serve our London-based customers. We expect customers to be able to travel the length of the UK for free using our Superchargers within the next 18 months”


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