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Top Ten Smartglass by PING! Magazine

Top Ten Smartglass by PING! Magazine


Top Ten Smartglass- Google Glass-PING

1. Google Glass: £

Google Glass are smart glasses fitted with a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone Watch films, take pictures, search and translate on the go. It has a 640×360 display, 5MP camera, 24 hours battery life, bone conduction audio and 16GB, Wi-Fi and 25”HD screen.

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2. Vizix M100 Smart Glasses: £

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses are a wearable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi headpiece with a built-in HD camera and WQVGA floating eyepiece display. It will run on Android and eventually iOS. It is able to capture video and still images. Features include an integrated GPS, 8 GB memory and Wi-Fi connectivity to a enable a mobile connection to the Cloud.

Top Ten Smartglass- Epiphany Eyewear-PING

3. Epiphany Eyewear: £

The Epiphany is the most fashionable and classic smartglasses on the market. Designed by David Meisenholder, whose clients include Lady Gaga, specs include a black frame made of “shape-memory” nylon, UV-blocking lenses, HD video recording, lithium ion battery life of 48 hours and 32GB storage. Gorgeous and sexy glasses ideal for the ladies.

Top Ten Smartglass- Telepathy-PING

4. Telepathy: £

Telepathy is an innovative device that encourages real-time, hands-free, interactive communication by instantly sharing the user’s visuals with individuals from all over the world. It has a built-in camera, a micro projection unit and ear buds on either side for audio.

Top Ten Smartglass- Recon Jet Smart Sunglasses-PING

5. Recon Jet Smart Sunglasses: £500jet.

Jet is a powerful wearable computer with a full-colour, wide-screen display, designed for active outdoor use. It measures speed, distance, and duration at a glance, enhances athletes’ performance and safety. Specs include GPS, a HD video camera, a microphone, speakers and its full-colour, widescreen display.

Top Ten Smartglass- Glass Up-PING

6. GlassUp: £

GlassUp smart glasses allow you to read text messages and e-mail directly from your lenses. Weighing 65g, it boasts an accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth and resolution of the display is 320×240. Other features include one day of battery life recharged via mini-USB. It comes in red or white and operates on Android OS.

7. Meta 1 Smartglasses: £

The Meta is a huge, augmented-reality headset that enables virtual gaming, facial recognition and 3D visualisations. It has two 960×540 transparent TFT LCD displays with a 23-degree field of view, a 720p camera, a 320×240 infra-red depth camera and a 9-axis sensor. Developers are still working on this cool product.

Top Ten Smartglass- ION Glasses-PING

8. ION Glasses: £

ION Glasses are the first-ever optical glasses or sunglasses which interact with your smartphone or tablet. It offers notifications, remote control, alerts in case of loss and customization. It works with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a battery, a multi-colour LED set, a buzzer and two buttons. It alerts one in discreet way so that nobody knows but you.

Top Ten Smartglass- Optinvent ORA-S-PING

9. Optinvent ORA-S: £600-

ORA-S enables mobile computing on the go, including GPS, sports, messaging and situation awareness. The ORA connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or tablet and will act as a hands-free wearable computer. It includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front camera, 9 axis sensor, ambient light sensor, microphone and loudspeaker.

Top Ten Smartglass- Olympus MEG 4.0 Smart Glasses-PING

10. Olympus MEG 4.0 Smart Glasses: £tba

The MEG4.0 isn’t a standalone structure and needs a glasses frame to hang on. The QVGA 320×240 display can connect to devices through Bluetooth 2.1, and a smartphone hookup to provide both the processing power and internet connectivity which sounds different to what we’re expecting from Google’s effort.

Top Ten Smartglass by PING! Magazine

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