Sunday, December 13, 2015 a website about the NSA a website about the NSA is a new website that educates people how NSA and US government spies and collects images of your private parts

Yes, John Oliver meet with Edward Snowden in Russia to discuss dick Photos (among other issues) to speak, but even if this moment seemed a farce, it’s actually very instructive that it leads people through the functions of the various monitoring programs in the (presumably) relatable context of sending nude photos on the Internet.

Consider, then, the website Can They See My Dick as aptly titled Further Reading. Created by Olivier Lacan appreciating the interview, can they see my dick specifies how programs such as Section 702 (“one-end foreign dick”), Executive Order 12333 (“dick smuggling”) and Section 215 (“dick-metadata” ) actually work in terms of … yeah, you guessed it. It is also just so amazing that this URL was available.

This is the subversive beauty of Oliver / Snowden segment in the first place. Yes, it’s just one long dick joke, but it is a dick joke, that teaches you something important. a website about the NSA

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