Saturday, December 12, 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate is just as bad as the iPhone 6 Plus and will crack under pressure

Do you remember the #Bendgate drama that unfolded last year because of iPhone owners bending their new handsets when placing them in the front pockets? As Android users, it deserves a good laugh or two right? Well, maybe it’s time to stop giggling quite as much today as one of our own has been shown to be as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m talking about none other than Samsung Galaxy’s S6 edge.

That’s right, has Samsung Galaxy S6 edge set provide for all types of electronic devices through their paces by SquareTrade, the guys who control plans. In the test, put the Galaxy S6 Square Edge, iPhone 6 Plus and the HTC One M9 (review) to a hydraulic press. The HTC One M9 came out the best, camp under a £ 120 load before bending. The Galaxy S6 Edge managed to 110 pounds of force before bending, the same amount as the iPhone 6 plus to withstand. However, because of their dual edges, the Edge broke S6 glass immediately, while the other two handsets managed a higher load before cracking on.

The takeaway from all these is that no matter what you buy as handset, you should be careful with them all the same. Putting them in unnecessary danger will probably have the handset tragically damaged. It should be self-evident, if you own a Galaxy S6 Edge or not, you should not be performing bending or drop tests on your phone at home.

Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate

Galaxy S6 Edge bendgate

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