Monday, December 9, 2013

Amazon drones provide delivery within 30 minutes

Amazon drones provide delivery within 30 minutes

Amazon’s drones, otherwise known as Octocopters, are an innovation in the field of e-commerce.  These drones are the technology behind Amazon’s newest delivery service – Prime Air.  The Octocopters aim to deliver products ordered by Amazon customers within 30 minutes – provided the delivery address is within 10 miles of the warehouse.

As soon as the customer has completed a transaction these unmanned drones will deliver the goods to the doorstep of the customer within 30 minutes.  The Octocopters are engineered to deliver goods weighing up to 2.3 kg to put this in perspective nearly 80% of the products on Amazon weigh below 2.2 kg.

Amazon drones on 30 minutes delivery time-PING

However before you get too excited, this innovative technology will face some delays due to the lack of permissions granted by the US government.  The major concern of the US Federal Aviation Administration is the safety of people on the ground.  The failure of a drone mid-flight poses a danger to people on the ground.  Moreover, there is the possibility of damage to the purchased product due to technological failures.  Add to this the threat of theft – with no human presence the product can easily be claimed by another person.

Despite all the drawbacks implementation of this technology will render a boom in the field of e-commerce giving new meaning to same day delivery.

Amazon drones provide delivery within 30 minutes

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