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Qualcomm Smartwatch Review by PING! Magazine

Qualcomm Smartwatch Review by PING! Magazine

Qualcomm, best known for their processors that power smartphones, have launched their first smartwatch, aptly named Toq.  Priced at £216, Toq’s unique selling point is that it uses low energy consuming screen technology. In awareness of energy conservation, Qualcomm has incorporated features for power saving.  At the present time Toq is only available for delivery to the US directly through Qualcomm’s website ( It interfaces with Android smartphones via Bluetooth through an app available for purchase on the Google Play Store.

Qualcomm Smartwatch Toq1-PING

Apart from being an extension of the Android smartphone and having all the features that smartwatches in the market presently have, Toq, is still way ahead of them in many ways. Firstly it uses a lightweight OS and unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, it can last for five days at a stretch on a single charge – even if you keep it’s turned on all day.  It also has the usual features such as displaying notifications, accepting or rejecting calls, sending text messages and displaying weather or stocks updates through widgets.

Qualcomm Smartwatch Toq-PING

Harry McCracken, TIME’s technology editor, reported that Toq was an experimental ‘limited edition model’ boasting its Mirasol display technology rather than a mass produced product.   Mirasol display technology consumes less power whilst still providing a full colour display.  The wristband has a built-in battery and a wireless charging dock, making it easy to recharge.

Smartwatches have not gained mainstream popularity just yet because of the absence of developed technology and limited features such as unappealing apps and notifications.  It is believed that Qualcomm’s smartwatch will have an edge over other smartwatches since it comes with virtual assistant software similar to Google Now. Add to this its new display technology in the form of Mirasol, Toq looks like an appealing piece of hardware.

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