Monday, December 2, 2013

How Marissa Mayer transformed Yahoo

How Marissa Mayer transformed Yahoo

After Mike Kerns, Yahoo’s senior vice president of home page declared it had become stagnant CEO Marissa Mayer has taken it upon herself to modify the Yahoo home page, Mail, Flickr and Sports for the better.

As you know My Yahoo is a customized page where one can add summarised content feeds such as email, stocks and websites.  For a time it seemed as if Yahoo was being left to die out but the entire site has itself become gradually more personalised and now we see that Yahoo has launched a makeover of My Yahoo.  The new page has a slicker look and lets one choose from among thousands of Yahoo services and feeds from other websites.  It arranges them in the order of one’s choice in an easier and faster manner. The new look is much more modern with the option of choosing from several themes and backgrounds.

Marissa Mayer transformed My Yahoo-PING

Changes can be made more conveniently than ever before.  My Yahoo and the Yahoo homepage also work better on mobiles than their previous versions did.  The refresh was needed to satisfy millions who use it every day. Yahoo encourages people on its home page to try it out in order to get more new users.  Marissa Mayer said that the essential key was to get people back to Yahoo for their daily habits.

It is interesting to note that the stock price of Yahoo has doubled and Mayer has bought two dozen companies.  Recently, Yahoo passed Google as the top website for the first time in a period of more than two years.

How Marissa Mayer transformed Yahoo

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